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Ben Evans invited me to give a pro guest class explaining and demonstrating a few portrait basics. I built up a wealth of experience as a professional people photographer with Venture, one of the UK’s top creative portraiture studios. As there was an increasing demand for freelance, I founded Richard Hadley Photography which has grown over the years and recently expanded to Barcelona. I specialize in portraiture, wedding and corporate photography in Spain and England. During the class, we spent a few hours together starting outside of Caixa Forum and moving onto Montjuic to show some portait techniques and to share tips and tricks I found most useful as a professional studio and location photographer including using natural light and the effect of off-camera flash! We had not anticipated that La Vuelta 2012 had also reserved Montjuic but there was room for us all and we had a great time as you can see in the video from the very talented Carolina de Santis, posted below.

Portrait of Melanie Berthelot at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona

Carolina de Santis | Videomaker



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