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Event | Barcelona Montjuic Revival

Earlier this week, we saw information on the Barcelona Montjuic Revival in Metropolitan Magazine and we thought it would be a pretty cool event to take some pictures. We visited the website, saw you needed tickets and purchased them right away.

Today, after printing our ticket confirmation, going to la CAIXA to print the tickets, we were all geared up and ready for 2 days of taking pictures of old cars and bikes at one of our favorite spots in Barcelona, Montjuic, BRING IT ON! As it often is the case when you have great expectations, something happens and unfortunately it did.

From the moment we got there, everything just seemed complicated, the what, when, where was not very clear. We expected our shiny golden bracelets to take us to spectacular places, … The cars and bikes however were SPECTACULAR. Unfortunately, by the time we figured out where to go for the races, the Barcelona Montjuic Revival was about to come to a premature end. The 15:00 race started with a 30 minute delay and seemed very short. We were surprised to hear that that was it for the day which made me think something must have happened and it had – La Vanguardia. Two members of the organization unfortunately got hit by a part of the crash barrier as a car collided into it. The 20 year old girl was lucky and got up immediately but a 58 year old man was seriously injured. Although the accident happened at 11:30 in the morning, the event was only suspended by the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona in the afternoon.

What could have been a great event turned out to be a sad day for the people injured and their families. I hope they will be ok.  | PRINTS |

– Barcelona Montjuic Revival by Richard Hadley Photography –
– With many thanks to Melanie Berthelot –


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