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Event | The Telegraph | London

I was given the gig of taking pictures at the recent ‘Skills Summit’ hosted by The Daily Telegraph in their pristine HQ on Buckingham Palace Road, old London town.  The event was a co-production with the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) and brought together employers and specialist recruiters in areas such as technology, engineering, life sciences and creative industries. It was quite a production.

From what I could make out, the main gist of the various presentations and workshop sessions was that there is a major problem in finding enough skilled workers for many high end sectors and job roles. Seems strange at a time when so many people are out of work. Anyway, the aim of the event was to come up with some solutions.  My aim was to get some decent pics of the different speakers and to capture the general vibe of what seemed to be a pretty vibrant gathering.

The event in London was also a great opportunity to get an inside view of The Telegraph offices – including the huge open plan news-room with an editorial round-table in the middle like the hub of a wheel.  One of the themes of the different discussions was how fast the world of work is changing and this is certainly true in the media – for example, the speaker from the Telegraph made the point that they no longer describe themselves as a newspaper but rather as a ‘media group’.  Things evolve and change but hopefully they’ll always be a need for good photos of high profile events and conferences like this!

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