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Event | Pillow Fight | Barcelona

“THIS IS MADNESS, THIS IS ANOTHER BCN PILLOW FIGHT″. Complete craziness but so much FUN! I was there last year and did not want to miss the 2014 feather bash, SHE-BAM!! I met up with some of my fellow photographers, we exchanged some tips, geared up and we were a GO!!! It had already started by the time we got there but I saw it as the warm up as the cushions were still stuffed with lovely feathers. This year I wanted to get down to the nitty gritty, get my mouth stuffed with feathers, be part of the action and get a PAW here and there, putting the camera in a dust cloud as I wanted to capture the fun, the smiles, silly faces by getting up close and personnel with the fighters… ‘BOOM’. Even at night in my bed, I was still spitting feathers and dreaming of Kung Fu Pandas, WOUHAA!

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