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PhotoWalk | Torre Agbar

This month we headed for a bit of architectural photography in Barcelona’s high-tech district, Glories, home of the Torre AgbarBenefiting from the earlier nights and along with a bit of magic hour/low light photography. I used a B+W ND 110 filter and a Joby gorillapod to help capture the motion shots using a Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 lense. The type of photography I was practising today is a lot different from my normal style. I normally move around, hunting for shots, but night shots / long exposures demand a different attitude and approach, it demands a patient and planned photographer rather than the fast-eyed, hunter photographer. By the time you’ve set up and become a static part of your environment too, waiting for your camera to do it’s part of the deal, you only end up with a handful of photos at the end but they’ll be sure to catch some eyes.

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