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X-Training – Mk.II

Once a month, it’s cross-training time with a fellow photographer and a guest model to keep our creative juices flowing, try new ideas, test new gear and make some art!

Joining me was Ben Evans from English Photographer with his new Pentax K1 camera and Victoria Caro through Model Management  with her good looks. We headed to Montjuic again (I just love the area) and as photographers do, well … we don’t go very far, very fast; stopping at every spot where see good photo potential. My aim was to get up to the antenna area which was again closed off for a concert. 

So we made due with what we had with: a coffee stop, change of outfit, a cool tree. After that, we headed back to the hill as dusk settled in and the lights of the city came alive to end the shoot with some lovely bokehness.

Gear wise, I kept to my beloved Fujifilm X-T1 camera with 3 lenses; 35mm, 60mm & 10-24mm. I also toke my two Cactus flashes fitted with Magmod adaptors but only used them a few shots, testing the HSS and a gel.

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